The Universe Under Her Skin!

“Every mother and every beloved is forced to become the carrier and embodiment of this omnipresent and ageless image, which corresponds to the deepest reality in man.” – Jung

Why shouldn’t you be utterly in love with the uniqueness of your authentic self? Self love maybe perceived as or lead to arrogance or self-importance or any other human judgement, but why should you conform to what the rest of the world calls ‘arrogance’ just because it doesn’t make any sense to them? Jade Beall, writer of “A Beautiful Body Project” states that, “I say why not let go of all those judgments and instead BELIEVE that we are freakin’ PURE magic and know that the “stuff” that makes our galaxy and all the starts and which infuses our sun and the magic that we see at night in our sky is the same exact “stuff” that makes these bodies we find ourselves in at this very moment.  Isn’t that flippin’ GLORIOUS?!”9564e7a7f72baf7dcfa161720fe32ecf


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